But Why? Why Would You Do This?


The concept for the Ultimate Collusion EP grew after finding a cache of old Soviet records in a nearby Russian Orthodox Church street fair. After sampling them and finding some unexpectedly dope flips, what kind of tracks should be done with them? Living in DC, the answer was obvious. Collusion is a daily refrain in this town, who did what when and what did they know? When is Mueller dropping the report? Will anyone ever REALLY know what’s going on?

Well, while I can’t answer those questions, I can show you what happens when you collaborate with dope MCs from Russia, the Ukraine and right here in the States. While most artists shy away from the controversial or political, there wasn’t really any way around this one. Reality is too ridiculous not to critique with some satire. And maybe some light treason. Who knows??


The actual Soviet records that started this bullshit